One comment on “Episode 2

  1. Wonderful 1st and 2nd episodes!
    I would be very interested to hear BDC and Larry discuss the accessories and accents that make -especially costuming- Dieselpunk.
    An element that seems to be missing to examples of Dieselpunk given by BDC, Tome and Larry -IMO- is the sci-fi aspect.

    In my view, Dieselpunk is not just about combining retro fashion with a contemporary spin – most importantly it’s about mashing retro-era and punk sensibilities with the sci-fi technology that reflects the futurist visions of that era.

    Costuming should not only have obvious punk elements, but alsoinclude accessories that reflect the possibility of an alternate reality where the tech advanced in some outlandish, otherwordly fashion.

    A Dieselpunk costume should have actual Diesel accents and detailing or punk detailing and include some reflection of the associated tech. That’s what makes it a similar genre as Cyberpunk and Steampunk. Without the sci-fi/tech accents it’s just vintage with a contempo spin – especially if there are no punk elements.
    Neither examples of Smooth Criminal are Dieselpunk as far as I can tell, nor is the “In the End” video. They do have vintage elements. But there’s no punk and no sci-fi/tech.
    “A Piece of the Action” (ST:TOS) at least has some vintage and sci-fi tech – but, it’s not really diesel-inspired sci-fi tech and there’s no punk.

    How do you envision the public recognising the intended genre without using actual diesel, punk or tech accents – as opposed to just vintage costumes with some? Which elements/accents/details not only define, but also telegraph the specific genre?

    I think some of the accents may include propellers, rivets, screws/lugnuts, wrenches and streamline-moderne.

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